Hurricanes create super natural skies. They always seems to deliver a beautiful sunset before and after the storm that wrecks havoc in between. There is an eternal light that comes from a birth and a death. Learning to navigate through the dark skies in between resembles life as we know it. Even in your darkest days, you can find light if you search for it. More beautiful days ahead. Fortunately Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, and west Panama City Beach remained relatively unscathed. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Panama City, Mexico Beach, and to the east which looks apocalyptic. I captured this video the evening of the next day.

We provided some live news feeds below from NOAA, Okaloosa County, the State of Florida and the National Weather Service. Please bookmark as these feeds constantly update:

The degree of Hurricane Michael’s boundless demolition in Florida progressed toward becoming clearer Thursday as the tempest kept on wreaking destruction over the Southeast, thumping down trees and power posts, stranding drivers, and generating tornadoes and blaze surge crises. Six individuals have kicked the bucket.

Michael made landfall as a top of the line Category 4 storm on the Florida Panhandle Wednesday crushing towns to rubble. On Thursday, the Carolinas and Georgia saw trees thumped down, several thousands without power, and streets shut by standing water. Departures were required in Irmo, South Carolina, after numerous homes went up against water. Typhoon Michael’s deluges in Virginia likewise overwhelmed homes and prompted water salvages and no less than four blaze surge crises later in the day. One tornado was affirmed.

Four individuals